Hi, so here is a little info about myself. My name is Becky Mogridge. I live in a the small village of Alderton, in Gloucestershire with my husband Danni and our three cats Marmite, Luna and Beyonce.

Animals have always filled my being with love and curiosity and with a passion for our planet I went on to study Environmental Science at the University of Leeds. I absolutely loved it. However due to having Cystic Fibrosis and my attention being brought more frequently to my own needs, I had a rethink about my career. I retrained as a personal trainer and sports massage therapist, with health and fitness being another obvious interest of mine.

I guess that being told as a child that you are unlikely to live past 30, does affect how you think and feel, and with that I do have a real passion for treasuring all that we have on this planet. Now at 33, I had one of those moments where I realised that getting depressed or grumpy about how we can treat this planet was pretty pointless and so I spent time deciding what I’d like to spend the rest of my journey doing. I wrote a huge long list and my husband rightly pointed out that my efforts would be more effective if I focussed on one thing. So, I started the ORANG-U-CHANGE Campaign because I realised that it is those without a voice that need the most help. Orangutans are critically endangered beautiful animals and for years we’ve been buying products that have been destroying their home. They will be wiped out in the next 10 years unless we make a change.

Susan and I can’t make that change alone, ORANG-U-CHANGE needs your voices and support too.

Much love from,

Becky and the Orangutans



Ever since I saw the 1997 documentary of Julia Roberts’ visit to Camp Leakey in Tanjung Putting National Park in Kalimantan, Borneo, I held a dream of seeing orangutans in their natural habitat for myself. Finally in 2016 my dream came true and I too spent a magical 4-days on a houseboat travelling the rivers of the national park, visiting three different orangutan camps, including the iconic Camp Leakey.

In her documentary Julia Roberts was lucky enough to meet the great Professor Birute Galdikas, who has dedicated her life to trying to save this truly great ape from extinction. She also had a close encounter with an alpha male called Kusasi, sadly he is long gone but I was delighted to meet many personalities of my own Roger, Atlas, Ahmad and the now famous Siswi (as seen on the BBC series Spy in the Camp). My encounters with these beguiling creatures has only served to fire my passion to do what I can to also support their survival; the world is a richer, better place with them in it. We humans can learn a lot from their caring maternal relationships, their intelligence and their curiosity.

Raising £1 million will make a big difference to the four chosen charities we are supporting and will go some way to helping to ensure the survival of these furry, orange people of the forest. Please help us to achieve our goal.

Thank you, Susan