Save Orangutans and Their Habitat



    Please STOP buying brands that DO NOT source sustainable palm oil and buy alternatives that do! Our changes in demand have huge power.

    Ask questions about the products you and your family buy. Do these products harm the environment? Look at the ingredient list. If it contains palm oil, is it certified as eco-friendly?

    Please click on the following guides to find out which brands these are. If your favourite brands are in the avoid list, then write to them or form a petition to show our demand for change.

    The Rainforest Foundation UK Palm Oil Product Guide                  

    The WWF Palm Oil Buyers Scorecard


    TELL EVERYONE about what is happening to Indonesia’s rainforest and why (click HERE to learn more about the situation)

    SHARE the ORANG-U-CHANGE campaign with EVERYONE to help raise funds and spread awareness.



    The ORANG-U-CHANGE Campaign is looking for 1 million of us to donate £1 each. This represents the price of many unsustainable palm oil containing products that we buy each day, biscuits, bread, chocolate, make-up, body products, soaps and detergents.

    PLEASE DONATE just £1 to support the work these amazing charities are doing to SAVE ORANGUTANS FROM EXTINCTION and their HABITAT. If you have more to give, GREAT. Click HERE to find out where your money will go and what it will be used for.

Please follow, share and like to help support the campaign. Thank you.