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Snowdon Hike for ORANG-U-CHANGE on 13th May 2017

Oranguchange Snowdon 2017Saturday 13th May 2017, first fundraising challenge done! I made it to the top! Yay! 4 hours to go up the Watkin path, a 1015m ascent, and 3 hours to come down the Pyg Track. It was super windy all day, got blown off my feet a few times. There were some dark clouds to begin with but the clouds and mist cleared and the sun came out just in time to get clear views at the top. I had to climb at a steady pace and take lots of rests but my Dad and Husband made it very easy for me with their support, plus carrying the food and water so I didn’t have the extra weight to carry. The following Monday I had a hospital check up and my lung function was at 28% so although not best pleased with the result, for the first time I didn’t care because I’d still climbed Snowdon (big smiley face – not sure how to put a smiley face on web text).

Thanks again to all those that gave their support and donations to help these charities continue to do their amazing work for Orangutans. A healthy £650 start to this fundraising campaign. I really hope we don’t lose Orangutans in the wild and that everyone can treat them with the care and kindness they deserve! Also a thank you to Nick Talbot who was too an inspiration to me for the climb.

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