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Orangutans are now

Critically Endangered

because of


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make-up, body products, soaps and detergents

Many of these products DO NOT source sustainable PALM OIL

photo by Wakx, Flickr


comes from

palm oil plantations that have cut down Precious Rainforest

photo by Aidenvironment, Flickr

As a result Orangutans have lost


of their habitat

in the last 20 years

Palm Oil Consumption is set to DOUBLE

by 2050

The Rainforest that is left needs to be SAVED

Please HELP

by supporting

the ORANG-U-CHANGE campaign



Hello. Firstly, thank you so much for visiting my site. I am no creative writer so please stick with me as I write from my heart and muddle my way through this introduction. I have a huge passion for this beautiful planet, like many of us do and so I have created the ORANG-U-CHANGE campaign. I have started this because most of us, including myself have been walking around supermarkets for years, buying items that are destroying our planet’s rainforest at a disastrous rate with horrible consequences.

Where in the World is this Happening?

Malaysia and Indonesia produce 87% of the world’s Palm oil, 41% and 46% respectively and so are losing their rainforest at a devastating rate as a direct result of our shopping habits, and the many brands we buy that don’t commit to using responsibly sourced palm oil.

Why is this Affecting the Orangutan Population so Severely?

Orangutans once lived across the forests of Asia but now can only be found on the two islands of Borneo (belonging to Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei) and Sumatra (belonging to Indonesia). Orangutans have lost 80% of their habitat in the last 20 years and are now critically endangered, facing extinction in the next 25 years if current deforestation continues.

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